Notable Physician Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD, Shares Insights on Connecting with Patients in Exclusive Interview

Known for ICU and crisis management, Dr. Gregory Duhon discusses his journey, productivity methods, and forward-thinking views in recent Grit Daily interview.

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, September 5, 2023 -- Internal medicine physician and hospitalist Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD, has recently been featured in an interview with Grit Daily, shedding light on his career, unique perspectives, and strategies for success.

With a background in hospital care and epidemic management, Dr. Duhon is known for his bedside manner and concern for patients. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Louisiana State University and a medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine, he further refined his skills through rigorous medical training at the prestigious Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati. Now, he is sharing his worldview in an exclusive interview with the online magazine Grit Daily.

At the core of Dr. Duhon's philosophy lies a profound belief in the potential for individuals to drive meaningful change.

During his residency, he dedicated his vacation time to actively contribute to flood relief initiatives within his home state of Louisiana. Through the resourceful transformation of Baton Rouge’s Celtic Media Centre, he established a clinic that offered essential medical care to displaced patients, managed diabetes cases, administered vaccinations, and dispensed prescriptions to patients who had lost them in the chaos of the flood, all while extending empathetic support to flood survivors.

Dr. Duhon's exceptional communication skills and empathetic approach have garnered him a reputation for excellence, both in moments of crisis and in conventional hospital settings, fostering strong connections with patients and colleagues alike.

Beyond his medical pursuits, Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD, is known for his diverse interests, including cultivating passion fruit, exploring new horizons through surfing, globetrotting, and indulging in the culinary arts by crafting dishes from Cajun and Vietnamese cuisines.

In a testament to his resilience, he accepted the challenge thrown down by his competitive brother and emerged victorious in an Olympic Triathlon and a Half Ironman. Currently, he's focused on training for the ultimate Ironman Triathlon.

In the Grit Daily interview, Dr. Duhon divulges his daily routine, strategies for productivity, and insights into his viewpoints on various subjects:

"Telehealth is an exciting development in medicine. It holds the potential to reach patients who might not otherwise access outpatient care, especially those distant from physical clinics or hospitals," he remarks, demonstrating his forward-thinking approach.

As the interview unfolds, Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD, provides valuable insights into his approach to challenges, strategies for maintaining focus, and reflections on pivotal moments in his career. The interview showcases Dr. Duhon's dedication to his profession and his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

Who Is Gregory Duhon?

Gregory Duhon is an internist with expertise spanning a diverse array of areas. He is celebrated for his empathetic patient-centered approach. Notably, he has dedicated his time as a volunteer to offer medical assistance to flood survivors and has worked to help individuals grappling with opioid addiction. Alongside his commitment to healthcare, Gregory Duhon is a dedicated Ironman trainee and finds joy in travel, culinary exploration, and cultivating passion fruit.